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» Member of the Month - September
Sun Sep 09 2018, 17:57 by Saw Mania

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 Member of the Month - September

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Member of the Month
Aman Jay
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 0% [ 0 ]
 100% [ 2 ]
x Squid x
 0% [ 0 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
Velvet Rosey
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Chest Painz
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Total Votes : 2

Saw Mania

Clan Founder

PostSubject: Member of the Month - September   Sun Sep 09 2018, 17:57

¸*° *¸Member of the Month!¸* °*¸
Who will you be voting for, place your votes NOW!

Quote :
NO SELF VOTES - This will result in your name being Removed!

Member of the Month is a Special clan Achievement for those who show dedication towards the clan and our Members, We wanted to create our own award system that everyone can be involved in with only a few set requirements. To be entered into Member of the Month you must do any of the Following so that your hard work and dedication is noticed by not only the Clan leaders and High Council Members but also by everyone else who you might of helped while being apart of our Clan and we hope this continues throughout your time with us.

¸*° *¸Dedication in Clan¸* °*¸
Dedication to the Clan is important as it shows us that you are willing to get involved more including participating in Clan Events

¸*° *¸Active Clan Member¸* °*¸
Being Active in clan, allows us to get to know you more, that's why being an active talker is key.

¸*° *¸Citadel Expert¸* °*¸
Since we have a Tier 7 Citadel with Clan Dragon doing your Cap once a week really helps us out by keeping the Citadel open not to mention free XP!

¸*° *¸Help & Support¸* °*¸
Help and Support has always been important in our Clan because other members might ask for help with information from quests, skills and items.

¸*° *¸Friendly & Out-Going¸* °*¸
We expect everyone in our clan to be Friendly to other members and more outgoing when taking part in discussions.

These are just some of the things we look out for in our Clan Members, Your hard work has never gone un-noticed that's why we run this reward system to give you the recognition you deserve and have you placed onto our Clan Forum Spotlight for 1 Month each month we run a Poll where other Clan members can vote for the person they think deserves to be crowned our Member of the Month!
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Member of the Month - September

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